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Dictation Equipment Company
first opened it's doors in 1968. Here at Dictation Equipment Company we still believe in good business traditions. We specialize in digital recorders and transcription solutions for medical practices, law firms, court reporters, courtroom recorders, meetings and just about any situation that requires an audio record. Equipment includes
digital portables and desktop equipment, analog dictation equipment, speech recognition software and central dictation servers. So give us a call or send us an email. We'll be glad to personally help you.
Olympus DS-4000 special offer
We have a large quantity of used trade-in units that are refurbished to factory specs. These professional digital recorders are in excellent shape. They come in 2 different configurations.
 The first option is if you already have existing DS-4000s that possibly have some problems, we offer an option where you send us your current DS-4000 as a trade in and we'll ship you a refurbished DS-4000 with a new battery pack.
  The second option is for  an entire package including AC adapter, USB download cable, rechargeable battery pack, desktop cradle and software with license. Everything you need.
  Both options include a 60 day warranty on parts and labor and free UPS shipping to business addresses anywhere in the lower 48 continental states. Shipping to residential address an additional $5.00.
$119.00 for Trade-in option
$189.00 for Entire package
Newest Products
Olympus Smartphone Dictation App
With the Olympus Dictation app, users can create crystal-clear voice recordings anywhere with their smartphone. ...more
The Philips Recorder for iPhones and iPad
 Record directly on your iPhone and have that recording sent by Email or FTP to your transcriptionist.
Olympus DS-7000 Voice Recorder
 The DS-7000 sets a new industry standard in professional dictation equipment. ...more
 Philips DPM-8000 Digital Voice Recorder 
Every single detail has been considered and used to completely redesign the Pocket Memo.  ...more
Olympus DM-620 Recorder
This recorder is perfect for court reporters recording conferences, meetings and depositions.   ...more
Dragon Naturally Speaking
We are Dragon Certified For Installation, Setup and Training. Call or Email us for a demo or information.
Used/Refurbished Cassette and Digital Machines
We have a large stock of Used/Refurbished analog cassette machines and usually a couple of digital units for sale.  ...more
Philips SpeechMike USB microphone
Takes stationary dictation to a new level. It delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities, an antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene and refined ergonomics for convenient operation. 
Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit

The New Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit provides a complete, robust business solution, when used in conjunction with the Olympus AS-7000 or DS-3500 Professional Digital Dictation Recorders ...more

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